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From Arabica Coffee farms to the bee farming station, enjoy Nepal’s countryside and support the local community.

Proceeds are reinvested to support the local farmers and villagers to improve product quality and provide further farming education.

Arabica coffee farming

Enjoy an Arabica coffee experience tour in a beautiful village with the help of a local guide.

Proceeds are reinvested back into the coffee project, supporting local farmers and villagers, improving quality and providing further farming education. Purchase our Nepalcafé coffee products from various ethical outlets around the Pokhara region.

Bee Farming Tour

Our beekeeping station lies in the Khadkathar village of Sarangkot and provides a home to over 40 bee hives. Here at Sharing Seeds, locals are educated on the importance of bees and methods of sustainable bee farming to preserve our environment. We provide various training and support to these local farmers so they can further their beekeeping practices. Small bee farmers are assisted in maintaining their beekeeping businesses and are provided a platform to sell their organic honey. So please, come join us at our bee farming station! Here you can participate in a bee experience tour and support our local bee farmers in purchasing some delicious honey!

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