Our Projects

Sharing Seeeds shares knowledge and resources with local farmers regarding the cultivation of organic arabica coffee, sustainable beekeeping, and much more! Our goal is to empower women by providing them with opportunities to create sustainable, recycled handicrafts using locally-sourced hemp fabrics.

Organic Arabica Coffee Farming Project

We collaborate with various farmers throughout and near the Sarangkot village to promote organic Arabica coffee farming and its economic advantages. We purchase fresh Arabica coffee cherries from over 100 small-scale coffee farms. Sharing Seeds provides farmers with education and training to help enhance the quality and yield of their product. Due to the recent rise in the number of coffee plantations, we anticipate an increase in organic vegetable, medicinal herb, and bee farming as well.

How can YOU help?

Participate in an Arabica coffee tour throughout a beautiful Nepali village. Proceeds are reinvested back into the coffee project, supporting local farmers and villagers, improving quality, and providing further farming education. Purchase our Nepalcafé coffee products from various ethical outlets around the Pokhara region.

Recyclable Handicraft Project

In 2017, Sharing Seeds, with the help of our solo donor partner Les Enfants de Kavresthali, created a basic sewing training program for 40 women in the Sarangkot village. Our goal is to empower local women to achieve financial independence by teaching them how to create and sell high-quality handicrafts. Recently, we employed 13 women to participate in our handicraft production project where they create goods made out of hemp and other recyclable fabrics. In addition, Sharing Seeds works with Shree Janajagrit Secondary School in Pandeli village to establish Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes for the children in the local community. The ECD program provides mothers with childcare, allowing women to work while their children are being cared for.

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How can I help?

Purchase Sharing Seeds' unique handicrafts, gifts, and souvenirs! Your purchases support the financial empowerment of local women and the sustainable development of our community.

Organic Bee Farming Project

Sharing Seeds’ bee and coffee farming projects are led by Mr. Ashok Khadka, who has extensive experience in organic production. For our bee farming project, Sharing Seeds receives support from the non-profit organization, Kokopelli, for seeds. Currently, we assist 10 small bee farmers around the Pokhara region in addition to providing them with knowledge and techniques to improve their production processes. At Sharing Seeds, we place a high value on training and education. We provide our farmers with training on sustainable bee farming projects, highlighting the vital role of bees in our ecosystem. We are working toward promoting more sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods throughout Nepal.  

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