Experience the rich flavors of Arabica coffee, indulge in the sweetness of locally sourced honey from our beekeeping efforts, and immerse yourself in the beauty of sustainable tourism with Sharing Seeds!
We are dedicated to supporting Arabica coffee farming while also promoting the preservation of our environment and the well-being of our local community.

About Us

Sharing Seeds is a not for profit social enterprise registered with the Nepal Government. We are based in the Sarangkot-Pandeli village near the Tourism capital of Nepal (Pokhara). One of our Goals As An Organization Is To Motivate Local Youths To Engage In Sustainable Cash Crop Farming And Other Income-Generating Practices. Our company aims to give knowledge to Local farmers in the production of Organic Arabica Coffee & Organic Bee Farming practices. In addition, We offer opportunities for local women to gain economic independence through producing sustainable recycled handicrafts made from hemp fabrics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide local Nepali youths with sustainable and modern agricultural practices that enable them to generate income without leaving their villages. We believe that by encouraging the youth to engage in cash crop farming and other income-generating activities, we can improve their standard of living and reduce the need for risky migration to other countries. We are dedicated to providing training and support to ensure that these practices are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible, and economically viable for the long term. Our goal is to empower local communities and create a better future for all. 

Impact on the Community

Our organization has made a significant impact on the lives of over 100 small coffee farmers by providing them with a platform to sell their fresh Arabica coffee cherries at a 30% higher price per kilogram than other private and government collectors. By offering training and support to improve the quality of coffee plants, we have motivated farmers to increase their organic coffee farming practices, resulting in a rapidly growing number of coffee plantation within our community. Our efforts have not only improved the income and economic stability of these farmers but have also contributed to the growth and development of the local coffee industry.

In the next two years, we anticipate that over 20 small farmers will join our organization to work in the coffee sector in addition to exploring organic vegetable farming, medicinal herb cultivation, and bee farming

Sharing Seeds is now offering a free 6-month sewing training course for local women of the Sarangkot village. Many women are now are working part-time on our handicraft production project, utilizing hemp and other recycled fabrics.

Sharing Seeds has recently begun working with a government school in Pandeli village, Shree Janajagrit Secondary School. We have opened two early childhood development (ECD) classes for the residents of the Sarangkot village with two full-time teachers. In addition, we provide daily meals for the young children. With the children being off at school, The ECD program truly enables and empowers more women to join the workforce and earn a sustainable living.